Pizzicato Five - Hi Guys Let Me Teach You

Pizzicato Five - Hi Guys Let Me Teach You

Otaku Code: 63221U
External ID: COCA-7558
Barcode: 4988001094074
Category: J-Pop
Condition: Very Good
Format: 1 CD
Release Date: May 01, 1991
Status: In stock
Price USD: $33.99
Vocal tracks from this ultra cool Jazz Pop Rock Retro sixites style Japanese band!!

PIZZICATO FIVE - HI GUYS LET ME TEACH YOU - Compiled, arranged, performed by TAKANAMI Keitaro Combo & Orchestra aka Pizzicato Five - The original TV soundtrack

1 Duck Walk, Duck Soup
2 Teacher's Pet
3 Purple Suede Shoes
4 Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbow
5 Memories of Schooldays
6 Mambo Schoolyard
7 Midnight Shuffle
8 Mood For A Rainy Day
9 Adult Oriented Cha-Cha
10 I'll See Ya Guys on Saturday Night, Right?
11 Poolside Lesson
13 Something For Miss Model Girl
14 Memories of Schooldays
15 Spacemen on the Schoolyard

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