Prism Japan - Prism - 1977 Debut album.

Prism Japan - Prism - 1977 Debut album.

Otaku Code: 81996C
External ID: UPGH-1002
Barcode: 4988005329202
Category: Other Music
Condition: Brand New
Format: 1 CD - in mini LP sleeve version
Release Date: May 22, 2011
Status: Out of print
Price USD: $26.99
Classic Fusion Jazz Rock album. Prism was formed in 1975 by Akira Wada, Ken Watanabe, Katsutoshi Morizono, Koki Ito and Toru Suzuki. Most of the musicians had little professional experience, aside from Morizono, who founded the progressive rock band Yonin Bayashi. In 1976, the group were signed to Polydor Records, performed as an opening act for Eric Clapton, and toured nationwide.

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