Idea International Graphic Art Typography - 384

アイデア 384

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Graphic Design
Japanese and some English
Brand New
9 x 11.75 inches / 230 x 297 mm
Release Date:
December 09, 2018
In stock
Graphic design and typography magazine.

YELLOW PAGES is the name of all the projects linked to the original series featured in IDEA. It introduces the practices and philosophy of seven groups of designers by interviewing them in their own cities throughout Asia. The best graphic design magazine in the world. Published in Tokyo Japan, since 1953.

Text is in Japanese and some English, however this magazine is mostly graphic art, typography and illustration. Yui Takada: Figure and Attitude Direction by Allright Graphics × Idea Design by LABORATORIES(Kensaku Kato, Seigo Kitaoka, Hiroyuki Kishida), Yui Takada (Allright Graphics) Photo by Yohey Goto(gtP), Satoshi Aoyagi The Figure of Yui Takada Embody the New Work Style Interview with Kiyomaru Togo The Secret of Monday All-Lunch Interview with Akiko Suzuki The Attitude of Yui Takada Q&A for Works of Allright Graphics [Logo design for “THE BOLY OSAKA” , infix Respondent by Tatsuto Mamiya and Satoshi Masuda / Logo design for “TOYS&GIFT MOMO” and “tricica”, MOGI Co., Ltd. Respondent by Narumi Mogi / Logo design for “SHITEKI NA SHIGOTO” Respondent by Go Uchida] Ginza Taichung Design: This and That talk Yui Takada × Aaron Nieh Moderate by Chiharu Watabe, Interpreter by Yang Tan Yan Shanghai Exhibition as Our Adventure Text by Alan Qin,Kung Chi-chun Contemporary Graphic Design and Gap of the Beauty Text by Zhang Lei Yui-chan Text by Nod Young Understand Yui Takada Text by Chen Hao Pong Ginza・Taichung・Shanghai: the Summer Triangle Discussion Yui Takada × Mai Hojo × Chiharu Watabe × Sei Tetsu Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World Part 7: Émile Cheysson and Graphical Statistics Album Feedback Mechanism of the National State Text by Akio Ota SUPER IMITATION Text by LEE KAN KYO Design by Kazuhiro Yamada (nipponia) Scanning Man, Scanning the World Text by Kiyonori Muroga Practice New Approach for Hanzi and Exhibition Hanzi Universe Text by Benny Au Hong Kong was a Hot Text by Ajioka Shintaro The Same Kanji, Different Feeling, Recognize Hanzi Workshop Text by Dai Nippon Type Organization Guillaume Apollinaire and the Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War 1913-1916 Text by Yasuhito Nagahara Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War 1913-1916 (Japanese Translation) Author by Guillaume Apollinaire Translation and Text by Yasuhito Nagahara Translation by Community of the Calligrammes Design by Yuko Matsukawa Facilitate by Natsu Kawakita Illustration by Pablo Picasso Tao of Book Design: A Forty Years Journey of Book Design by Lu Jingren, Report Text by Shoji Usuda Open borders and open minds AGI Open México City Report Text by Sarah Snaith The World of Igarashi Takenobu Text by Kiyonori Muroga