Idea International Graphic Art Typography - 385

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Graphic Design
Approx. 194
Japanese and some English
Brand New
9 x 11.75 inches / 230 x 297 mm
Release Date:
March 09, 2019
In stock
Graphic design and typography magazine.

The best graphic design magazine in the world. Published in Tokyo Japan, since 1953.

Text is in Japanese and some English, however this magazine is mostly graphic art, typography and illustration. Focusing on Locality in Design Practices of the Japanese Regional Designers in Kansai and Tohoku Direction by Yuma Harada (UMA/design farm) × Idea Design by Harada Yuma, Keisuke Yamazoe, Mariko Kishiki (UMA/design farm), Kentaro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Nakaie Editorial Assistance by Tomomi Tada (MUESUM) Graphics Interchange vol. 01 KANSAI → TOHOKU Yusuke Akai Kentaro Nakamura Kenta Shibano Takuya Tsunashima Midori Hirota Ryu Mieno Closing Talk: What Graphics Interchange Reveals Moderator: Kenji Aihara Speaker: Yusuke Akai, Kentaro Nakamura, Kenta Shibano, Takuya Tsunashima, Midori Hirota, Ryu Mieno, Yuma Harada, Motoki Koitabashi and Daijiro Ohara Small Chatting About the Graphic Design Yuma Harada × Motoki Koitabashi akaoni Designers in KANSAI region before the 1960s Interview with Kazumasa Nagai Region and Design: Transforming Locality SNS, University and the Arts Festival Text by Tatsuya Kuji Locality & Fracture: Ian Lynam Text & Design by Ian Lynam Editing by Randy Nakamura Translation by Emma Okubo Ian Lynam website Making Photo Books: Rudy VanderLans and “Still Lifes” Series Books Special booklet Rudy VanderLans “Dream” Interview with Rudy VanderLans Translation by Manami Yamamoto Emigre website Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World Part 8: How to Relate to Nature and How to Draw the Earth Élisée Reclus’s Approach Text by Akio Ota ORDINARY PEOPLE: Day-to-Day Graphic Chronology Text by Idea Design by Tézzo Suzuki Photo: Kai Tamaki, Jinsol Kim ORDINARY PEOPLE website Event Report AGI in India